Alessia de Paola Gottlieb, MD

Encompassing both conventional as well as complementary and alternative medicine approaches for treatment of childhood developmental disorders.


The initial evaluation is child and family centered and usually takes place over five visits, which can include:

  • Parent/s Intake Appointment

  • School or Social Environment Observation

  • Cognitive/Developmental Testing

  • Psychological Testing

  • Parent/s Feedback Appointment

If needed, additional information is gathered from conversations with other providers or review of footage of play or other behaviors.  

After the evaluation is completed, you will receive a comprehensive report of the assessment.  The report will serve as a description of your child’s developmental history, a neurodevelopmental assessment summary, along with a detailed set of specific recommendations that will assist you in supporting your child’s development. With your consent, only, Dr. Gottlieb will consult with your child's teachers, therapists, pediatrician or pediatric specialists if this is helpful for your child’s treatment plan.

Follow up visits are scheduled every 3 to 6 to 12 months, depending on your child’s developmental needs. 

Dr. Gottlieb remains available to the family and child throughout childhood, when needed and parents are welcome to make additional appointments to discuss any areas of development, education, or parenting.