Alessia de Paola Gottlieb, MD

Encompassing both conventional as well as complementary and alternative medicine approaches for treatment of childhood developmental disorders.


After many years of research, teaching, and training, Dr. Alessia de Paola Gottlieb takes a unique approach to her assessment of the child, incorporating parent interviews, school visits, home visits, review of videos, and direct neurocognitive, developmental and psychological testing to obtain the broadest assessment of the young child, not just with a focus in diagnosis but a broader biological, psychological, and social understanding of the child in the context of home and school. 

In this way, the assessment is aimed at helping families better understand their child to increase sensitivity of how the child interprets and responds to the world around him or her.  When needed, multidisciplinary interventions are recommended to support continued development of the child.

Dr. Alessia de Paola Gottlieb follows the child and family throughout childhood in any way that can be helpful in continued support of the child in the context of school and family and often serves as liaison between school and family, when helpful.